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Breakfast at the 25 Hours Design Hotel – Zürich, Switzerland

Perhaps one of the most trendy hotels in Zurich, Switzerland: The 25 Hours Design Hotel. We slept there two nights and of course we tried the gluten free breakfast!

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Stefan and Ilona are writing a review on the breakfast at the 25 Hourse Design Hotel (location Zurich West). Stefan eats gluten, Ilona eats without gluten. Read their experiences here.


Written by Stefan, eating gluten.
Our vacation started this year with a two-day visit to the Swiss city of Zürich. A beautiful city that you can visit right from the 25 Hours Design Hotel, within 15 minutes by tram you stand in the center. This review is about the breakfast, but the hotel itself is something we have to mention. A hip hotel where they take design very seriously. With a sauna, restaurant , free bikes and ping pong table the hotel is complete.

25H Zurich

Breakfast is a buffet served at the restaurant’s bar. For the non-gluten free eater there is a range of sandwiches and sweet treats to choose from (what to choose when you eat gluten free you can read below, in the review by Ilona).With more than enough toppings the sandwiches tasted really good. And, lucky me, the English breakfast was not missing: bacon, sausages and baked eggs!

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Personally I think the smoothies are the highlight of the breakfast. Fresh smoothies in various flavors were really delicious. A good start of the day! The coffee was not good, it had not taste and has been to long in a thermos. In our room was a Nespresso machine, so I would recommend: after breakfast, drink the coffee in your room.


Written by Ilona, eats without gluten because of a gluten intolerance.
Prior to our visit to this hotel, we informed on Twitter about the gluten free options for breakfast . After we were told there are possibilities, we booked. The hotel is really something different than a “standard” hotel, so we were looking forward to experience that! On arrival was noted that I had requested a gluten free breakfast, so that would be all right.

The hotel is very special with at all places to see something funny or special. Even with the door hanger you can choose from twenty sentences that tell whether you do not want to be disturbed or that the housekeeping should come in for cleaning. The wellness is also worth mentioning. It is quite small, but with some nice corners and a little bar it’s very speciale decorated. You can also drink delicious tea or grab some fruit. And last but not least: the sauna looks out over part of the city!


We have eaten breakfast at this hotel twice, where we could sit outside on the nice terrace. Both of the times I had to wait until my bread was ready and the first time they looked a bit suprised when I asked for the gluten free breakfast. But, there is good breakfast of gluten free guests! I got two slices of white bread, two brown and a muffin! The muffin was delicious, the bread was a little dry, but tasted ok. The toppings made the bread tastefull. There are all kinds of fresh toppings like various cheeses, smoked salmon , etc., on seperate plates, so little risk of cross contamination. There is also yogurt and they have delicious smoothies and delicious tea!

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More information?

Visit to: 25 Hours Design Hotel Zürich West
Where: Pfingstweidstrasse 102, Zürich
When: 8 & 9 juni 2014
Costs per person: Depends at what room you book. Look at the website for actual prices.

photo’s: Room: 25hours Hotels.



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