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Dinner at Poules Moules – Bruges

Metzondergluten went abroad! We visited Bruges and of course a restaurant. Read the review here…!

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★★★★★€ 36,00
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★★★★★€ 36,00

Stefan and Ilona are writing a review on restaurant Poules Moules. Stefan eats gluten, Ilona eats without gluten. Read their experiences here.

tekst_metWritten by Stefan, eating gluten.
What is a beautiful town is Bruges! We were lucky with a very sunny weekend, that makes the city more beautiful.


We made a reservation at Poules Moules and we asked for a table at the window. We were a bit late, but our table was still free. A good start!

When you name a restaurant Poules Moules, then you have to try the mussels of course!We chose the ‘menu’ a menu for € 36,- with mussels as main course. As a starter I chose the smoked salmon.


The starter was good and exactly as it was described: smoked salmon. Dotted with a little mayonnaise, served with bread. The main course was natural mussels. At my plate they had forgotten the mussel vegetables, so it was very natural… A bit boring, though the mussels were very tasty! There were no traditional mussel sauces, in itself not required for good mussels, but occasionally a sauce with it had been nice for flavor.

The wine knowledge at Poules Moules is good. I asked the waiter for a bottle that he could recommend and he came back with a lovely fresh white wine with a touch of honey. Particular taste and recommended for the white wine lover.

After these dishes I was pretty full, so I chose for dessert for an Irish Coffee. Very tasty! When visiting Bruges is definitely worth to visit Poules Moules.

tekst_zonderWritten by Ilona, eats without gluten because of a gluten intolerance.
On a square near the market you will find the restaurant Poules Moules. It has two floors with some smaller rooms, giving it a cozy atmosphere. I had asked for a table by the window. This was neatly kept free for us on the second floor, so we had a nice view over the square.

Poules Moules has a lot on the menu and I asked for the gluten-free options. I had asked this in advance but there was nothing yet noticed since our arrival at the restaurant. I could just pick something from the card and the dish would be adjusted if necessary.


I chose a menu that consisted of three courses, where you always had the choice of two or three dishes. I chose the smoked salmon and mussels naturel. The smoked salmon tasted good, though there was no bread for me at this appetizer, which have been tasty. The mussels were also very tasty and were served with fries that were gluten free! They were way too many mussel, I think nobody eats this amount of mussels on a three course menu.


For dessert, I wanted the chocolate if it was gluten-free. This proved to be so. The mousse was served in a nice pot and was delicious! Really recommended. The cookie turned out to be gluten-free because it was made ​​of sugar and almonds. It took a while before we found out, we noticed that (a part of) the waiters was not well informed and simply just serving.


Poules Moules is, during your visit to Bruges definitely worth a visit. but little more knowledge with the staff and possibly to have some bread with a starter would improve my experience a lot!

More information? 

Visit to: Poules Moules
Where: Simon Stevinplein 9, Brugge
Date: 21 februari 2014

Costs per person € 36,00 for a three course dinner (excl. drinks)


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