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Glutenfree Lisbon

Lisboa sem glúten – Lisbon without gluten! For a citytrip we went to the capital city of Portugal. We’d like to share our suggestions and experiences with you, so you know where to eat ‘withwithoutgluten’!

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The most important tips for a visit at Lissabon:

  • Prepare yourself. Before you go, write down places where you want to go. Not all of the restaurants are familiar with glutenfree. For example you can print this blog, so you have all the informatie with you when your traveling.
  • Making a reservation is not always necessary. We only did it once. Most of the time you can make a reservation by e-mail or just walk by in the afternoon.
  • In Portugal, they eat later dan we’re in Holland used to. Most of the restaurant are open for diner art 7.30 pm, but are also opened in the afternoon for lunch.
  • In a lot of restaurants the staff speaks English and you can also get a Menu in English. Just ask! 

Lisboa1In this blog about Lissabon:

  • Glutenfree restaurants – places we’ve been.
  • Glutenfree restaurants – seen, but not been there.
  • Supermarkets with glutenfree products
Glutenfree restaurants (with our experiences)
  • La Trattoria
  • Open Brasserie Mediterrânica
  • Telepizza
  • La Crêperie da Ribeira
  • H3 New Hamburgology
  • Santini (ice-cream)

La Trattoria
When you compare to other restaurants in Lisbon, La Trattoria is a bit more expensive, the price in this restaurant can be compared to a restaurant in Holland. La Trattoria is very well known with glutenfree eating, on the menu you’ll find symbols that tell you what is glutenfree. For example they have glutenfree bread, pasta and chocolate mousse. The service is very good, all of the waiters are very well informed of the glutenfree options. Tip: a bottle of house wine is not expensive and very tasty!

Rating: ★★★★

Price excl. drinks: € 30,00 p.p. (three courses)
Address: Rua de Artilharia I 79, Metro: Marques de Pombal

Open Brasserie Mediterrânica
The restaurant Open Brasserie is part of a hotel, it doesn’t make is less cosy! The service is a bit messy (sometimes they forget something), but very well informed about glutenfree eating. in this restaurants the glutenfree courses are also signed on the menu with a symbol, there is not so much to choose from. By the way, they also serve lactosefree meals. The restaurant also has glutenfree bread and you’ll get a nice amuse of the house!


Rating: ★★★★★

Price excl. drinks: € 30,00 p.p. (three courses)

Address: Rua de Santa Marta 48, Metro: Avenida / Marques de Pombal

You can compare Telepizza with Domino’s in Holland. It’s a fast food restaurant, not cosy, but they do have glutenfree pizza’s. There are two options: bacon and pepperoni. We tried both. The pizza’s are not really special, but o.k. for a quick meal.

The waiting-/preparation time varies between the locations: from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Tip: when you’re in the neighborhood, just walk by and check, or order your pizza for later on the day. Then it will be ready when you’re ready to eat!


Ratin: ★★★★★
Price excl. drinks: € 8,90 p.p.

Address: multiple locations in Lisbon.

La Crêperie da Ribeira > Closed!
A piece of France in Lisbon! La Crêperie da Ribeira is a very cosy place where you can eat savory crepes (galettes) and sweet crepes. In particular the galettes are really nice! The sweet crepes are also nice but they are made with the same batter, which is more tasty for the galettes. We really recommend it!


Rating: ★★★★
Price: € 15,00 p.p. (2 crepes)

Address: Rua Moeda 1a, Metro: Cais do Sodre > Closed!

H3 New Hamburgology
You find H3 in the shoppingcentre Amoreiras (also at other places!) – een nice shoppingcentre with a lot of places to eat. At H3 they have burgers in all sorts en tastes. Tasty, cheap en special – because all of the burgers are served without a bread. You can choose from a lot of different toppings and you’ll get the burger served with chips or rice. You’ll eat in a sort of foodhall, not the most cosy restaurant in Lisbon but a good options for a good lunch or dinner in between shopping!


Rating: ★★★★★
Price: € 7,95 p.p.

Address: multiple locations in Lisbon.

Santini (ice-cream)
At the markethall Ribeira Market you’ll find Santini, a tasty ice-cream shop! At the menu is clearly signed which flavors are glutenfree. Also other allergies are clearly signed, like lactose and soya. A good address for a ice-cream in the cosy Market Hall.


Rating: ★★★★
Prijs: € 4,00 p.p.
Adres: markethall Ribeira Market, Avda 24 de Julho, Metro: Cais do Sodre. You’ll find Santini also at other places in Lisbon.

More glutenfree restaurants (seen, but not been there)

This restaurants als serve glutenfree meals. We didn’t go here, did you? Let us know by leaving a message under this post!

  • Joshua’s Grill 
    Grill restaurant, on the menukaart you’ll find glutenfree meals. 
    Shopping centre Amoreiras, Metro: Marquês de Pombal (15 min. walk)
  • Smöoy – frozen yoghurt   
    Shopping centre Amoreiras, Metro: Marquês de Pombal (15 min. walk)
  • Arcádia – chocolat!
    Markethall Ribeira Market, Metro: Cais do Sodre (also other locations)
  • Restaurante “Os Tibetanos” 
    Vegetarian and vegan restaurant
    Rua do Salitre 117, Metro: Avenida
  • Choco & Mousse
    A chocola walhalla (if we may believe all the stories about it…)
    Rua Mário Cesariny Lote 3, Metro: Entre Campos.
Glutenfree supermarktes

At this supermarkets you can shop glutenfree products

  • Pingo doce
    The traditional pastries of Portugal you’ll find here in a glutenfree version! You’ll need an oven in your appartment (or maybe ask in the hotel?:) ) to bake them though.
    Address: multiple locations in Lisbon.
  • Celeiro Dieta
    It’s like a health/foodstore: food and non-food.
    Address: multiple locations in Lisbon.
  • El Corte Ingles 
    Big shoppingcentre, in the basement you’ll find a supermarket with a huge glutenfree assortiment!
    Adres: Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar 31, Metro: Sao Sebastiao.
  • Continente
    Address: meerdere vestigingen in Lissabon.


Have fun in Lisbon!

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