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Glutenfree Paris!

Metzondergluten in Paris! A long weekend in the French capital. In this blog we’re pleased to share out tips and experiences about restaurants where you can eat with or without gluten.

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The most important tips for your visit in Paris:


  • Prepare yourself well, find out in advance where you want to eat. Then you also find out about the less known and sometime surprising parts of Paris.
  • Make a reservation at the restaurants (most of the time you can do this by e-mail).
  • A lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays, keep that in mind. Also not all restaurants are open in the evening hours or on Saturdays.
  • In many restaurants they speak good English and the menu is also available in this language . So do not hesitate to ask for the gluten -free options in English if you find this difficult in French!

In one weekend Paris, we visited five restaurants (Starbucks , ice cream store and McDonalds not included ; -)). Below you will find our experience per restaurant. First, an overview of the restaurants:

  • Café Pinson
  • Le Potager du Marais
  • Noglu
  • Helmut Newcake
  • Bio Sphère Café

Café Pinson
On our first night in Paris we were going to have dinner at Café Pinson. We didn’t book, so let’s see.. Pinson is situated on two locations in Paris, we visited the one in the 10th arrondissement. The café works with daily changing menus, so it is a nice surprise what’s on the menu. When we arrived, unfortunately the was no place, but it is also a possibility for take away. From the sample menus we chose what we wanted.



At the apartment we enjoyed the risotto and delicious desserts. The risotto was slightly bland , a little plain in taste. In contrast, the desserts were really delicious. We enjoyed the apple crumble and tiramisu! All dishes in Café Pinson are gluten-free , so there is plenty to choose from. Also for a non – glutenfree eater Pinson is a must, the ingredients are fresher than fresh and organic. Good food for a good price .

Beoordeling: ★★★★★
Price excl. drinks: € 16,75 p.p. (take away)

Le Potager du Marais
By accident Saturday afternoon we walked along the restaruant Le Potager du Marais. The entire menu is organic and vegetarian. On the menu is very clearly indicated which dishes are gluten-free. It was around 12:30 and we decided to go for a small lunch. Once

inside we were kindly welcomed. At 14:00 the table was booked again, but for us that was no problem, there was still plenty on the program!

Potager2 Potager1










Ilona took a pancake of buckwheat. Despite that it was as a starter on the map, it was a big meal! The filling consisted of vegetables with green sauce and it was served with a small salad. The restaurant also has gluten-free bread, you can ask for it.

Stefan took the baked potato stuffed with tomato pesto. The potato was served with nuts and that combination made it tasteful. This was also a big meal and we decided that this ‘starter’ was enough for lunch.

Conlusion: a special meal for a very reasonable price, certainly not a restaurant for fussy eaters.

Review: ★★★★★
Price excl. drinks: € 12,75 p.p. 

Sieraden & Horloges
Noglu is discussed a lot on the internet, the restaurant is completely gluten-free and therefor interesting. We did make a reservation for this restaurant and it proved to be absolutely necessary. Noglu is a small restaurant located in a busy passage with many other restaurants. Downstairs in the restaurant is the kitchen and a bar where you can eat and on the first floor are several tables where you can sit quietly. A real, quiet living room with a cozy atmosphere . The menu varies and the menu is a large chalkboard that is placed at the table on a chair. The waiter explains the menu (in English if required) and gives you plenty of time to make a choice. We decided to go for the “formula” , starter, main course and dessert for a price of € 37 , -.

Noglu1As a starter we had fish topped with apricot jam. A surprising and fresh combination, truly a delicious appetizer. The main course for Ilona was a champignons risotto with grated cheese. Good taste and more than enough. All dishes were served with bread (gluten-free of course) and a bottle of water. Wine was by the glass or bottle and the wine tasted good, though was a bit expensive! Stefan chose meat as main dish. A big piece of meat appeared on the plate, served with mashed potatoes and winter vegetables. The meat was good, though it was too much, especially after a starter.
Noglu3As we both were pretty full after two courses we asked if it was possible to take away the dessert so we could enjoy it later. This was no problem at all and we got it in a neat little box to take home. They also sell cakes, so also we decided to try these out. After a walk to the apartment went there again we were ready for a dessert and these were delicious!




 Noglu is an absolute must if you are visiting Paris!

Review: ★★★★★
Price excl. drinks: € 52,50 p.p. (incl. take-away cakes)

Helmut Newcake
Helmut Newcake is a gluten-free bakery. We had not booked and it turned out that on Sunday there’s only place after reservation. During the week you can have lunch there (reservation also recommended). The menu is listed on their website and Facebook page.

Helmut1 The food in the vitrine also looked very good and because it was lovely weather, we decided to take away some things and go to the park to eat and enjoy the French sun. We took away a variety of sweet and savory pastries. To get through the day 😉 we chose an éclair caramel, chocolate éclair, sandwiches with tomato and mozzarella and a banana muffin. And that was very tasty …
Helmut2The restaurant looked nice and if you eat there on Sunday you will get a surprise menu consisting of several courses, savory and sweet. We unfortunately cannot try it, but we certainly will do it again! If you want to have brunch here on Sunday, book in time.

Review: ★★★★
Price: € 9,00 p.p. (take away)

Bio Sphère Café We ended our visit to Paris with a lunch at the Bio Sphère Café. It will take some searching, but you will find a small, cozy restaurant. At Bio Sphere everything is fresh and gluten free. We were there around 15:00 and then the French lunch just passed. We noticed that in the choice we could make, not everything was in stock. Personally, we find that not so bad, prefer fresh products that are sold out than not fresh and always available …

Biosphere3We both chose for the pizza. You can create the topping of the pizza all by yourself, additional ingredients cost one or two euros each and you can make it as crazy as you want. The pizza was being prepared and we enjoyed some juice in the meantime. The juice was from really freshly squeezed apples, lovely! The pizza was tasty crispy and tasted good. One pizza per person for lunch is definitely enough.
Biosphere4 In this restaurant it is also possible to eat gluten-free crepes . We have not tried this, but they looked good! Also this restaurant is really worth a visit. It is open until 18:00, after lunchtime reservation is not necessary. Again they sell delicious sweets to take awa, even gluten-free macaroons!

Review: ★★★★★ Price: € 23,30 p.p. (including take-away cookies).


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